“I believe there is no such thing as a purposeless life. Everyone has something precious in themselves that no one else has.”

“The way to truly cherish the lives of the past is to live our lives to the full in a way that would make them proud.”

- Her Holiness Shinso Ito.

A single candle can illuminate the darkness and bring hope. Each of us can make a difference and together we will shine even more brightly.

Ten Most Recent Commitments to Positive Action

This is my commitment to share my shinnyo or to express the shinnyo of someone I’m remembering through my actions that will make a difference in the present and future:

I commit to support humanity, love, courage and harmony.
Location: Earth From: Kveta
I commit to being positive, and being the being version of myself. To always have love and kindness in my heart.
Location: California From: Lesley
I promise to fight against eating disorders. It is the second most deadly mental Health diagnosis, second only to opioid addiction. It takes one in ten people who have been diagnosed. Not one more!! Let’s never say “she is not sick enough ever again!”
Location: Denver, CO From: Kumella Aiu
To my loving wife Gloria Mills I William Mills and Margaret and Leah miss you so very much I hope you with Jesus and he is taking care of you all our love forever and ever amen
Location: Hilo Hi From: William Mills
In memory of Fred and Mildred Banning and Rae and Lake Mills. You are missed every day. Your legacy lives in our hearts and lives.
Location: Honolulu HI From: Frederica Banning
パパへ いつもありがとう。 今年も灯籠流しになりました。パパ今までずっと参加してきたね。 これからも宜しくお願いしますね。 ママ パパへ、 お元気ですか?2020年はすごい年です。これからも守ってください。ソフィ
Location: Honolulu From: Yukari & Sophie
In memory of my parents, Roy and Margaret, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I thank you for the examples you set and the values you gave me. As I embark on a second career as a HS teacher, I ask for your blessing and spirit to be with me as I pay it forward to the next generation.
Location: Portland, Maine From: Eric K.
Committed to continue being positive and bringing hope to my friend Minei who is battling cancer. To always bring a smile on her face and laughter out of her mouth. Also to continue helping the homeless and making the world a better place
Location: Salem, Oregon From: Karen Negrana
It’s been to long. Miss all and each of you. I have so much to remember in my life. Wish you all were still here in flesh, but I have all of you in my heart and soul. I can’t even begin but once I do there will never be an end. Remembering all the good times with all of you while growing is the best
Location: Waianae, Hi From: Claudine “Uchie” Cariaga
In memory of my father, Dr. Ray Wong. His caring for people as a doctor helping thousands of children and families be health. His love of sport shines through me today and I am motivated to make a difference and will continue to inspire others to heal and make this world a better place! Love, Dot
Location: Altadena, CA From: dorothy wong

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